1. Mastery Musings

    Rembrandt Self Portrait #2

    Rembrandt Self-Portrait

    Welcome to my first official blog!

    My new blog is “born” in conjunction with the launch of my new v2.0 website about which I am very excited! Check it out here. While you’re at it, pop a little popcorn, put up your feet and take in my brand new demo video. (Just like Netflix! Well, sorta’.)

    Although I will share thoughts, ideas and references on a variety of subjects in my blog, my overriding emphasis will be on MASTERY: on ways that we can all make our lives and work better. No, actually, not just better, but excellent. I have observed (and read) that when we are doing our best and being our best, exemplifying MASTERY, we are the happiest and the most fulfilled. Who doesn’t want to live like that?

    In the midst of (Read more…)

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