1. Recycling for Excellence

    A fellow exerciser and I were chatting it up as we huffed and puffed through our workout at our Boulder, Colorado 80305 Curves yesterday. This woman and I usually go at different times, so we had not had not met each other previously. I quickly learned that “Laura” is a 5th grade teacher at an accelerated school. She said that the end of the year for 5th grade teachers at her school is the opposite from the teachers of the other grades. As the other teachers are gearing down toward the end, the 5th graders are gearing up for important tests and markers as they finish the year. It had been so encompassing, she said she was just now barely starting to recover from the rigor of crossing that finish line and was glad to catch her breath and regroup.

    I asked what she was doing to “let the air out of her tires,” and she responded with things I would have expected such as (Read more…)

  2. I AM: A World of Mastery Thinking and Doing

    This Memorial Day weekend, my husband and I went with good friends, Diane and Neil, to see the new documentary, “I AM.” This film is the creation of Tom Shadyac, the director of Jim Carrey’s blockbuster, “Ace Ventura: Pet Detective,” and Eddie Murphy’s popular “The Nutty Professor.” These movies and others made Shadyac a multi-millionaire with exquisite mansions scattered around the country. However, after having a severe cycling accident, Tom started to really think deeply about life and what was important in life. He especially addressed the question, (Read more…)

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