See You at the Finish Line: The USA Pro Challenge and YOU!

August 26, 2014 by Nancy Noonan

The USA Pro (Cycling) Challenge was held in our beautiful state of Colorado last week. Racers from all over the world competed and Colorado was mighty proud when the winner, Tejay VanGarderen, was one of our own, hailing from Boulder. This was no small feat, as the seven-consecutive-days route, starting in Aspen and ending in Denver, was lauded as “American Cycling’s Most Difficult Professional Race Featuring Lung-Searing Altitudes (higher than they ever had to reach) and the First-Ever Mountaintop Finish Route.”

Needless to say, the competitors did not jump into this race on a lark. On the contrary, thousands of hours of grueling training precede the race itself, from Interval to Circuit Training. In addition to building up physical stamina, a certain amount of finesse is also required.

Here are 3 tips from the USA Pro Challenge that could be helpful to all of us, whether we’re a biker or not:

1. CROUCH DOWN: When riders surge past both sides of you, crouch down a bit to stay upright and balanced.

In Life: Even if you’re a confident person, usually striding tall through life, sometimes it could be of benefit to pull it in a bit so you can be in better alignment with others around you.

2. LOOK FOR THE DIAGONALS: Riding right up, straight between two riders can be an instant invitation to entangled pedals. Instead, look diagonally forward—and ride into the diagonal opening.

In Life: Often our answers can be found by stepping off the straight and narrow path and meandering diagonally, at an angle, where the answers aren’t as obvious, but can often be the best possible answers.

3. TAKE OFF LIKE A RABID MONKEY: When you get to within about 200 meters from the finish line, give it every bit of power you’ve got—and then some—to leave everyone else in the dust and win the race.

In Life: Too often we’re good at putting a lot of energy into the beginning of a project or relationship, but peter out as it goes along. Be conscious of maintaining a strong effort all along and give it that extra oomph as you get close to your goal.

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