1. 4 Tips To Keep Your Passion Alive in Work & Life!

    4 Tips To Keep Your Passion Alive in Work & Life!

    Periodically Ask Yourself:

    1. What made me fall in love with ___________ in the first place?
    Make a list and actively appreciate those things.

    2. What is something new I can fall in love with now?
    A new hobby or skill set, a friendship, an organization, an interest?

    3. What can I eliminate that might be blocking my passion?
    Unresolved problems, negative people or forces, long-term upsets, low-value time-suckers, lack of organizational or leadership skills?

    4. What most excites me in life?
    Oprah Winfrey said “Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.”

    Give yourself permission to explore your passions; the more alive you allow your passions to be in your life and your work, the more rewarding your experience will be!

  2. Blank Canvas Time: Painting Success in the New Year

    January is an inspiring month: crisp, refreshing . . . a seductive blank canvas, just waiting for you to paint your vision for the year. A blank canvas is full of hope and possibilities. A blank canvas invites you to stand up and decide what kind of year you are going to paint. Will it be one full of choices you make that lead you down a different path from the previous year? And perhaps down an even better one? Will this be the year you decide to paint with your most brilliant colors, a year where living in black and white simply won’t do?

    We’re almost halfway through January, but it’s still not too late! Envision filling your blank canvas with your most spectacular colors this year. Envision a year filled with one masterpiece after another. Record the steps you will take to accomplish this and then pick up your brush and begin.

    Be the Master of your Life!

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